Friday, November 14, 2008

I painted this Black Butte Ranch scene on stretched canvas using acrylic paints. It is 16x20 and I have painted on the four edges making it easy to hang or prop it up on a ledge as-is. This painting is listed on my Etsy account.
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I am a woman of a certain age finding myself driven to create art and currently painting landscapes in oils. ​I’m inspired by the beauty found in nature, particularly the landscapes of Oregon. I love the challenge of a blank canvas, in choosing the colors, lines and contrast to communicate emotion and mystery. I’m drawn to the zing of complementary colors, the power of light against dark, the weight of lines and their ability to lead the viewer through a painting. What is beyond the road, what lies just over the horizon? These all draw me in and keep me coming back to the studio. There is always a challenge awaiting, always a need to push further, to expand my skills and stretch against my comfort level.