Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Afternoon Delight in Bilbao

No, not that kind! Just so happy to have arrived with reservations. I was pleasantly surprised with Bilbao. Was not expecting much beyond the wonderful Guggenheim, but the city is fantastic. They have a modern and convent tram that travels through the city connecting the train station, old town, The Guggenheim and the bus station, there are many impressive art sculptures and beautifully designed bridges and walkways throughout the city, and they have bike and pedestrian paths and a river winding through the area. Today I toured the exterior of the Guggenheim and tomorrow I hit the inside.

Food has been very expensive, as I expected, but today, for €11.50, I had a delicious two course meal: salad with tuna and fresh anchovies, tomatoes and sweet peppers, followed by a whole grilled fish with potatoes. Bread, water and wine came with the meal-- not a glass but a whole bottle! I was in a very relaxed mood after a few glasses.

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