Tuesday, September 13, 2011

City of Lights

After a much needed afternoon nap Nancy and I head for Paris' most well-known landmark - The Eiffel Tower. Built in 1889 to celebrate The Worlds Fair, The French Revolution and (at the time) France's superpower position, it is worth the long, time-wasting lines. The light show at night would captivate even the most jaded.

With our reservations at 7:30, unfortunately we missed watching sunset over Paris by finding ourselves trapped among many dozens of others queuing up for the next set of elevators in the interior of the first level. After realizing our mistake we could not exit the queue. However, experiencing the moonrise in the east dampened our disappointment.

While mooning over the view (forgive the pun) we met Sophie from Vancouver, BC, a sparkling and delightful 20-something graphic designer traveling around Europe on her own. She joined us in walking down the last 200 feet and wandering around the tower base, finally catching a bus back to our respective lodgings. We traded email addresses and plan to meet up tomorrow. Before heading to bed Nancy and I had our first French meal. A mushroom omelet for Nancy and France's famous cassoulet for me, a wonderfully flavorful, long simmered stew of white beans, duck, and pork. After this satisfying gastronomic delight, punctuated with wine and conversation, we floated off to bed quite satisfied with our first day in the City Of (de) Lights.

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