Friday, September 23, 2011

Goodbye Bilbao

I arrived to beautiful clear, blue skies and today I leave an Oregon climate: overcast with threats of rain. The bus company did not leave me with a feeling of confidence. The driver (with help from two other drivers) could not get the key to reopen the bus door. They boosted one driver through the open driver's window to finally gain access. After we all piled in they promptly asked us all to disembark and board another bus. Today I travel to Santander to catch a flight to Malaga. Not sure whether Nancy will join me. Sounds like her travel is more complicated.

Ryanair, the budget European airlines has am interesting business plan. Dirt cheap fare, however they charge for everything but breathable air. They are ridged and limited with carry on: one item only and that includes absolutely everything but a jacket. The one carry on must fit in the measuring rack at the gate and they make everyone prove it. If it does not fit you pay a hefty fee ($60) to have it checked. Advanced baggage check was around $22, even more than my ticket, which was only $16! During most of the flight they push to sell everything from newspapers, magazines, food, drinks, smokeless cigarettes, candy, perfume and many other items. They even charge for water, $4.50 a bottle.

Grabbed a cab from the airport to my hotel. What a nice change from the last two places I stayed.

Heard from Nancy when I checked email. She arrives this morning. Anxious to hear about her travels.

While the Costa del Sol has 300 days of sun a year, so far this morning it's one of the other 52. I'm sure it will clear later. Update: it started to rain but tomorrow is suppose to be nice.

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