Saturday, September 17, 2011

Mingling With Gendarmes and Protesters at the Bastille

Tea at the Ritz was an experience. I had planned on eating a late lunch there, but when discovering a hamburger would be $90, I stuck with a cup of tea for $16!

Tonight after another wonderful and reasonably priced meal in the Marais neighborhood (a block from the Bastille), we strolled around the block and happened upon a full blown Parisian protest (Guy Faulk's masks, face paint and bull horns). After quizzing a few locals as well as a cute uniformed Gendarme, we learned the protest was against the European banking industry, economic conditions in Spain, France and Greece, and the current direction of democracy in general. As we watched the action, dozens of vans filled with riot-clad officers arrived and began to surround and contain the protesters. We headed back to our hotel to pack up for our trip to the Basque Region where Nancy and I will split up for a few days before meeting back up in Malaga to visit Granada and the beaches of the Costa Del Sol, before flying to Barcelona.


sailaway said...

I love your blog...and I am getting goose bumps just imagining your adventure as it unfolds!

lola said...

What a wonderful trip! I love France, but I can't wait to see your photos of the Coasta Del Sol. I was there for 3 weeks with my parents when I was in 7th grade. Nothing was built up then, just a few places. It was such a romantic place. You'll probably get swept off your feet by some swarthy Spaniard. :)

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