Tuesday, September 20, 2011

No Bed in the Inn for Beth (almost).

Traveled from St. Jean de Luz to San Sebastain via bus and train with no advanced reservations.  Figured that I would be able to find something only to find their International Film Festival had filled all the rooms in town!  The Tourist Information and Booking service was no help.  I wandered around until I found a small pension for $65 with bath down the hall that should have been half the price.  Just lucky to have a bed.  I have been appreciating the marina and the view of the Atlantic.  Dinned on Pintxo (Basque appetizers that are piled high on the bar for self service.  Delicious.

Did not get any mail from Nancy.  Hopefully she is doing fine.   Tomorrow, probably take the train to Bilbao and visit the Guggenheim Museum. 

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