Friday, September 16, 2011

Parisian Karaoke and Spilled Wine

Thursday late morning Nancy headed off to the Louvre and I ended up at the Pompidou Center. I had planned to visit the Louvre but after reading more about it's collection and seeing the acres and acres I would need to cover in visiting there, I chose a smaller, more focused museum. While some of the art was not to my taste (most of the minimalists' work and some of the unconventional, modern shock art), I did enjoy seeing more of the artists working in Paris in the 20s. Serendipitously, the airline showed "An Evening In Paris" on our trip over, a recent Woody Allen, featuring those same artists.

Meeting Tom from Portland and our Canadian friend Sophie at Notre Dame, we wandered off to find dinner. (Tom is a tour leader from Portland who had joking posted a Paris walk since he was traveling here. To his great surprise he discovered 4 or 5 people from his group would be here on the same date.)

I popped in to a shop (Oliviers & Co.) to ask a local for a recommendation for dinner and he directed us to a wonderful restaurant a few blocks away: Les Philosophes, 38 Rue Vieille du Temple.

The four of us spent the next 21/2 hours talking and eating a lovely three course meal (Beef Bourguignon and grilled medallions of lamb, salad and chocolate mousse), and sharing a wonderful Gamay Rouge which after the first glass the waitress promptly knocked over sending red stains all over Sophie's and Tom's white pants!

After dinner Sophie headed back to her place to pack for her flight to Vancouver, BC the next morning, and Tom planned to make the 10:30 boat tour on the Seine that evening. Nancy and I started walking back to our hotel, only to find ourselves being drawn in (like moths to a flame) to a small bar filled with happy Parisians singing old American songs. Arms were flying and three women climbed on the bar to get a better perspective and more room to dance. We were warmly welcomed in, handed song lists and encouraged to shout out our favorite tunes as we were accompanied by a guitar. Nothing like the stereotype you hear about of the unfriendly French. A couple hours later we floated home leaving our new acquaintances behind, and stumbled into bed after one am.

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