Thursday, September 15, 2011

Public Toilets I've Met in Paris

Wednesday we woke to sunny skies and mild temperatures and spent the morning walking our Marais neighborhood. Using travel writer, Rick Steve's suggestions we had a very enjoyable and long lunch before touring Notre Dame Cathedral and the Orsay Museum. We had insufficient time at the museum before we were herded out at closing time. What an experience to place my eyes inches away from many of the impressionist paintings I so admire. To imagine the artist laying down each brush stroke of color - adjectives are insufficient. Photographs don't do justice to the paintings' color and texture.

Nancy's memorable experience attempting to use the new high tech public toilets dotting Paris sidewalks, must be shared. First she could not get the electronic sliding door to close, and the recorded admonishments in French were unhelpful since neither of us speak it. Finally the door closed for her only to open as she attempted to lock it. The process started again: now the door shut a few feet before opening again and repeated this action 3-4 times, with more recorded French suggestions. Finally the door closed for her but there she stands, wondering if the door will actually stay closed during her use of the facilities! My contribution was lots of unhelpful suggestions and much laughter. I wisely decided I would wait for a low-tech, less public opportunity for relief.

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